Progress in Fight Against Underage Drinking

Governor Walker has proclaimed April as Underage Alcohol Use and Abuse Awareness Month

The most recent data from the Department of Health Services finds that Wisconsin teens do better than their peers across the country in areas such as refraining from drinking before age 13, current use of alcohol, and binge drinking. It is the first time in the last decade that Wisconsin came in lower than the national average in these three key areas at the same time. 

Drinking before age 21 is linked to a higher risk of anxiety, depression, homicide, other drug use, physical and sexual assaults, poor academic performance, and suicide. 

Parents Who Host, Lose The Most Campaign

Several community groups in the greater Madison area are participating in the Parents Who Host, Lose The Most campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of underage drinking. The campaign runs now through June. Parents (and all adults) who serve alcohol to teens can face criminal charges.

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