Bail set for suspect in Madison homicide

 Bail has been set for the suspect in the recent downtown Madison homicide.

23-year-old Darrick Anderson appeared in court Monday.  Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne successfully requested $250,000 bail be set for Anderson.  Anderson was charged with first degree intentional homicide in the fatal stabbing of 46-year old Andrew Nesbitt. 

"There is fairly substantial evidence in the (criminal) complaint tying the crime to Mr. Anderson,"  Court Commissioner Jason Hanson says.

Authorities say Anderson was arrested as the suspect in the homicide the day after the killing, after a retail theft at East Towne Mall.  Authorities say Nesbitt was found dead in his Madison apartment on Monday, March, 27. 

Authorities say Nesbitt and Anderson had a chance meeting downtown in Monday's early morning hours, after Nesbitt had celebrated his birthday at a Madison bar.  The criminal complaint states video from several downtown surveillance cameras, and from a gas station on West Washington Avenue, show Nesbitt and Anderson together, or Anderson near Nesbitt as the two walked downtown streets. 

Police officials say Anderson injured his right hand, and it was bandaged at the time of his arrest at East Towne Mall Tuesday after a retail theft.  "The consistent with a knife sliding in this person's hand as the knife was being used,"  states the criminal complaint.

Ozanne says Anderson has no permanent address, and recently lost a job with a Madison fast food restaurant.In a separate, pending case in Columbia County, records show Anderson is considering entering a plea of not guilty by mental disease or defect.  There's no indication yet whether he's considering a similar plea in connection with the homicide charge.

Anderson also face six misdemeanor charges, including one connected to the theft of an item from the gas station, and a mall store.

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