Suspended UW student testifies in his sexual assault trial

A suspended UW-Madison student took the witness stand in his sexual assault trial Thursday, and said his accuser's claims of being forced into sex, and strangled, were lies.

22-year old Nathan Friar testified a playful night with a fellow student ended awkwardly at his apartment, when the 21-year old girl initially expressed pain on his first, intimate, sexual contact with her, but then initiated sexual intercourse with him.  Friar testified the encounter was brief, he backed away, and she was gone when he woke up.

Friar said he suspected the girl's refusal to respond to his repeated, text messages after their encounter, was due to lack of his sexual performance, not any sexual violence on his part.

During cross examination, Friar said he lied to friends in text messages, exaggerating his level of intoxication at the time of the sexual encounter.  He said he texted to one friend as he sought advice on how to connect with the girl despite her reluctance to respond, that "something (expletive) awful must have happened."

In earlier testimony, the fellow UW-Madison student said a night of affection between Friar and her changed dramatically in his campus apartment, where he overpowered her in his bedroom and strangled her several times while touching her sexually.

Jurors in the case are expected to begin deliberating Thursday evening. 

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