Jury finds suspended UW student guilty of sexual assault

UPDATE (WKOW) - A jury found suspended UW-Madison student Nathan Friar guilty of second degree sexual assault late Thursday night.

The Dane County jurors also found Friar not guilty on a charge of strangulation.

He will be sentenced July 7.

Authorities say the 22-year old Friar ended a June evening of kissing and embracing a fellow UW student, by overpowering her into sex, and repeatedly choking her.

Friar testified Thursday in his own defense, maintaining the 21-year old woman initiated the sex, and bruises on her neck could have been "hickeys" from his passionate sucking.Friar's attorney asked him if the fellow student ever told him 'No,' or told him to stop any sexual advance.  "No, in fact we were giggling, kind of laughing the whole time," Friar testified.

Friar attributed the woman's refusal to answer any of his text messages after their sexual encounter, to an awkward ending to the tryst, when he abruptly halted the sex, feeling his sexual performance was not up to par after a night of drinking.But the woman previously testified she was "terrified" as Friar strangled her with one hand, and sexually touched her with the other.

A prosecutor challenged Friar's condition during the encounter, and his recall, producing his later, text messages to friends describing himself as possibly the most drunk he'd ever been.  Friar testified he was lying about his sobriety in the texts so as not to explain to friends what happened.

UW-Madison officials say Friar was suspended from school for two years shortly after the 2016 incident.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/35090028/2017/04/06/update-jury-deliberates-in-sex-assault-trial-of-suspended-uw-student

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