Fugitive Jakubowski researched survivalist tactics before disappearance


Authorities says fugitive Joseph Jakubowski researched survivalist tactics, before they say he mailed an anti-government manifesto to President Trump, and stole guns and ammunition from a Janesville store.During a Thursday news conference at the Rock County Sheriff's Office, Janesville Police Chief David Moore said there's evidence Jakubowski researched survival strategies, and has "...some survivalist equipment."  The Janesville man remains at large, despite more than a week of a nationwide manhunt for him.Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden says searches of the Rock River and Lake Koshkonong have taken place, in the event warming weather may have prompted Jakubowski to hide in more remote terrain.

WTMJ-TV, Milwaukee reports it obtained a portion of Jakubowski's manifesto writings.  The reports says Jakubowski refers to government as a "gang of terrorists,"  and alludes to a willingness to have a show down with pursuing law enforcement officers.  "The only way the system will take control of my life...is over my dead body,"  the report states Jakubowski writes.  It says Jakubowski is willing to die if it happens through the intervention of the president, and on live television.

Spoden and Moore say Jakubowski's 161-page manifesto is still being analyzed by investigators, and despite portions of his writings now being public, say they are not releasing the document at this time.

Authorities acknowledge Jakubowski's writings also show disdain for religion, but include no targeting of a specific religion, or place of worship.  Moore says people planning to attend Good Friday and Easter services this weekend should be cautious, but recognize security steps address Jakubowski's continuing status as a fugitive."There is no threat...to any type of religion, no specific threat of any location.  We know he has a general distrust...of religion,"  Moore says.Moore says episodes of active shooters in other places have at times followed missed signs and leads on potential perpetrators.  ":This is different,"  Moore says.  "We had some clues going into this and that is why we're investigating, in hopes of stopping what could be a mass casualty event."Moore says it is still unclear what triggered Jakubowski to escalate from an adult history of traffic and largely, lower level offenses, to the concerning mindset displayed in the manifesto."We urge Mr. Jakubowski to turn himself in,"  Moore says.

For more information go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/35139277/2017/04/13/fugitive-jakubowski-researched-survivalist-tactics-before-disappearance 


The Rock County Sheriff's Office says they have now received over 730 tips regarding Joseph Jakubowski.  Local, state and federal enforcement agencies are currently looking into 140 of these tips.

Investigators say some media has obtained a partial copy of Jakubowski's manifesto.  Law enforcement did not release that excerpt and will not do so due to the ongoing investigation.

Again, Jakubowski is considered armed and dangerous.  Any direct sightings of him should be called into 911 immediately.

At this time, authorities will not hold a news conference and anticipate one will be scheduled if any major changes come up in the investigation.


JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- In the manifesto authorities say Joseph Jakubowski mailed to the White House, Jakubowski lays out his grievances with the government, even referring to the government as a "gang of terrorists."

A portion of the manifesto was obtained by WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee. A law enforcement source close to the investigation confirmed the copy of the manifesto was authentic, though the official could not confirm whether it was the same version Jakubowski sent to President Donald Trump because Jakubowski may have written several versions.

Jakubowski writes in the document about how he believes health insurance, taxes and religion are examples of the government trying to brainwash its citizens. He also claims that government and religion are the same thing.  

In the manifesto, Jakubowski also writes about being an artist and claims government regulations destroyed his passion. 

At one point, Jakubowski says he will not bring harm or violence to anyone unless the government forces his hand. He also writes about his own death, saying he's not afraid to die, but that he chooses his death to be carried out by the hands of the president. Jakubowski says that would be on live TV, not in secret.

Jakubowski also declares, "The only way the system will take control of my life... is over my dead body."

Authorities have launched a nationwide manhunt to find Jakubowski. They say on Tuesday, April 7, Jakubowski broke into and stole 18 guns and two silencers from Armageddon Supplies, a gun shop in Janesville. After that, authorities say he set fire to his car. According to a Wednesday night update from the Rock County Sheriff's Office, investigators have received about 700 tips about Jakubowski and they are currently pursuing about 130 of them.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/35139277/2017/04/13/jakubowski-calls-government-gang-of-terrorists-in-manifesto

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