Police arrest person who dropped off, picked up gun

Police say they have arrested the person who was seen dropping off and picking up a long gun at Lincoln Elementary School in Janesville.

Officers have not released the name of this person.

Police say the report of this person with a gun led to a soft lockdown of schools in Janesville on April 6. This happened while there was an ongoing manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski, the man accused of stealing guns from a gun store in Janesville. At the time, police received information that Jakubowski, a man considered armed and dangerous, made some mention of schools. 

"When you bundle those two facts together, we talk about something bad that could happen at a school, and then we get another call for sure that there is a rifle at a school. That was very concerning to the sheriff and myself. And that set into motion the contacts that we had with the schools and the soft lockdown," Janesville police chief David Moore said at a Thursday news conference.

But in the end, Chief Moore said there is no connection between the gun at Lincoln Elementary and the Jakubowski investigation.

"It was a separate theft and a separate incident that just happened to occur or present itself on the same day that we were working on the burglary and the guns with Mr. Jakubowski," Moore said.

"While this all started with a school perspective, and a school concern, that has all been reduced significantly," Moore said Thursday. "It certainly gives some comfort to our schools, because these appear to be two separate incidents that unfortunately happened on the same day."

Joseph Jakubowski remains at large.

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