Authorities release audio of calls that helped capture Jakubowski

VERNON COUNTY (WKOW) --- Vernon County officials have released the phone call made by the man that found manhunt suspect, Joseph Jakubowski, on his property last week.

Retired psychologist Jeff Gorn called the non-emergency phone line after a conversation with a man on his property.  His initial call indicated he was not aware of the search for Jakubowski and was calling after having a feeling this man may be wanted. 

Gorn discusses in the call his conversation with Jakubowski and the tattoos he had on his hands, along with mention of a letter Jakubowski wanted him to take that he would not. Gorn says Jakubowski told him he had sent out twenty-five copies of what authorities say is a 161-page anti-government manifesto.

In a call back to officials, Gorn was able to identify the man as Jakubowski after looking at a photo of him online."It's him...if it's not him, it's his twin,"  Gorn says in the call.In the call, Gorn tells authorities Jakubowski is positioned on a high point of his 150-acre property.  Gorn tells authorities Jakubowski chose the spot so he could see in all directions.

As 27 News previously reported, Gorn says Jakubowski told him he had resorted to eating grass after being "off the grid" for some time, and asked for an "apple" and other food.

Gorn tells authorities Jakubowski had no means of transportation and wanted a ride out of the area, but refused to tell Gorn how he had gotten to Gorn's property.

Gorn's phone calls with Vernon County were made on a non-emergency Sheriff's department phone line.Gorn describes to a call-taker a route to take his property where law enforcement officers would not be detected by Jakubowski, and concludes his initial call with a caution:  "Come in quiet." 

Jakubowski is being held in Rock County as he faces state and federal charges related to the gun shop burglary.

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