No Spin Zone: Brodhead District Elementary bans fidget spinners

BRODHEAD (WKOW) -- Many kids in our area now have fidget spinners. The popular toy was designed to help those that deal with short attention spans. However, school officials at Ronald R. Albrecht Elementary School in Brodhead say they are distracting to their students. They have banned the toys from school grounds. "Students are not to bring spinners to school," Principal David Novy said in a letter he sent a letter home to parents informing them to keep spinners away.

Albrecht Occupational Therapist Jessica Swan worries about the dangers for her epileptic students, "We just don't know enough yet to know if they could trigger a seizure," she said.

At Albrecht, Principal Albrecht says the objects were causing behavioral issues.

"Causing more trouble and causing other students to not be able to focus because they were watching other students with spinners, who thought it was helping them focus," Principal Novy said.

Meanwhile, Albrecht is using core stools and other methods like putty and twisty sticks, to help kids wiggle while they work

"The programs are really designed to get their neurological system ready for learning," Swan explained.  

As for the ban, Principal Novy says it's been well-received.

"Parents are understanding, knowing that we have resources to help kids out," he said.

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