Hit-and-run person of interest had child in car

MADISON (WKOW) -- Court records show a person of interest in a fatal hit and run collision in Westport had a six year old child in his car, when he was later contacted by officers over suspicion of drunken driving. 

Authorities say a driver hit and killed a 30-year old pedestrian Saturday night on Highway 113, and drove off.  Family members identify the victim as Curtis Bonds.  A Dane County Sheriff's spokesperson says the person of interest's sedan had damage.  The spokesperson describes the suspect hit and run car as a gold, 2003 four door Chevrolet Impala.In an affidavit to support a search warrant for a blood sample of the person of interest, a Fitchburg Police officer says the 25-year old man was contacted by officers at 3:31 a.m. Sunday, with the basis for the stop of the person's vehicle listed as "...911 call, asleep at the wheel with 6 year old child in rear of the vehicle."The affidavit states there was a beer can in the car, and the driver's speech was slurred, and eyes bloodshot.  Records state he refused to perform field sobriety tests or a preliminary breath test.The affidavit lists the driver as having two, previous operating while intoxicated convictions.  Dane County court records show the man drove drunk for a second time in October 2015, also with a child under the age of sixteen in the car.  Records state the child passenger in that incident was four years old. A citation associated with the driver's traffic stop describes a car identical to the suspect vehicle in Saturday's hit and run.The affidavit also says the man's driving is restricted to the use of an ignition interlock device.  Records do not indicate if such a device was operating in the car at the time of his arrest.

27 News is not identifying the person of interest, as he has yet to be arrested or criminally charged in connection to the fatal hit and run.  The man is jailed on the tentative charge of felony OWI, and a probation hold. 

For more on this story:http://www.wkow.com/story/35456110/2017/05/17/hit-and-run-person-of-interest-had-child-in-car

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