Nearly 2 dozen trees damaged at Sauk County golf course

PRAIRIE DU SAC (WKOW) -- Workers at a golf course in Sauk County are clearing the greens after storms came through Wednesday, leaving a mess behind. 

Strong winds tore through Lake Wisconsin Country Club in Prairie du Sac around 2:30 p.m. General manager Chris Paitrick estimates 20 to 25 trees came down or lost some of their limbs, including a huge one that stood right next to the clubhouse for nearly four decades. It toppled in the wind, tearing up paving bricks around its roots. It landed on top of an empty golf cart.

"It definitely could have reached the building and done some damage that way, but it fell in an area where it didn't hit any other golf carts, except for this one, or any beings," Paitrick tells 27 News.

Workers called the golfers in before the storm got too close, so everyone was inside when the rain started coming down sideways.

No one was hurt in the storm, but there is some water damage to the clubhouse.Paitrick expects it will take several days to clear all the debris on the course.

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