Woman stabs man inside Ian's Pizza

MADISON (WKOW) -- A woman has been arrested after an overnight stabbing at Ian's Pizza.

Madison police say this all started with some type of altercation at the restaurant on North Frances Street. But when police got there, everyone involved had left.

A woman identified as Ane R. Phillips, 22, is the suspect in the stabbing. Police say after the initial altercation, she ran to a friends house, but then returned to Ian's Pizza where the victim was sitting. Police say Phillips appeared to punch him several times in the lower back. She ran away, while the victim went to the bathroom and realized he had been stabbed.

The victim got some help inside Ian's, but then left. Officers weren't able to find him, but because of witness statements, video and physical evidence, officers said they were able to establish probable cause to arrest Phillips.

She tentatively faces charges of 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Disorderly Conduct While Armed.

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