New trial granted to convicted sex offender Richard Beranek

 A new trial has been granted to a sex offender convicted in 1990.

58-year-old Richard Beranek was serving a 243-year prison sentence after his convictions for a number of sexual assault, and other crimes in connection with a stranger attack on a Town of Pleasant Springs woman in 1987.

Court records indicate that on Friday, Beranek was granted a new trial based on DNA and other newly discovered evidence. Previous convictions have also been ordered to be vacated.

This comes after attorneys for The Wisconsin Innocence Project presented expert witness testimony to try to prove Beranek's convictions were wrong. The witnesses spoke to a hair found at the crime scene and its link to Beranek at trial, with new DNA testing excluding Beranek as the source of the hair.

Beranek's bail remains revoked until he is transferred to Dane County and a bail hearing is held.

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