Madison mayor responds to President's comments

 Madison's mayor is responding to the President of the United States after a visit to Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon.

President Donald Trump met with business leaders for a round table discussion at Waukesha County Technical College about the importance of apprenticeship programs. It was one of the President's three stops around southeastern Wisconsin.

President Trump also met with who he referred to as "victims" of the Affordable Care Act..

After exiting Air Force One, President Trump told reporters during a new conference that millions of American families continue to suffer [from the Affordable Care Act] while congressional democrats obstruct efforts to rescue them.

At a separate news conference, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin fired back against that claim from the President, saying 200,000 people in Wisconsin are no longer without health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act.

"The evidence now shows - this in the national polling - that while some people may have voted for Donald Trump, they did not want to see the Affordable Care Act destroyed," said Soglin.

Mayor Soglin's comments coincide with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett's. He also held a new conference today responding to the President's visit.

The President is also slated to host a private fundraiser with Governor Scott Walker in Milwaukee Tuesday night. The event costs $1,000 per-person to attend.

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