MPD: Convicted armed robber behind bars for impersonating a police officer

MADISON (WKOW) -- In 2009, 35-year-old Damian James was sentenced to seven years in prison and five years extended supervision after being found guilty of armed robbery in Milwaukee.

Recently, several witnesses informed police James has been in the Isthmus, and other areas of the city, wearing a "duty belt" with a holstered handgun and gold badge, very similar to what detectives may wear. Officers were told James made statements indicated he is either a police officer or training to be a Madison police officer.

Tuesday night, James was arrested following a traffic stop on Packers Avenue. He was wearing a holster with a BB gun, which looked like a real weapon, and his badge was also found. James said he had the BB gun because he likes gun, but is unable to legally carry as he is a convicted felon.

He denied trying to pass himself off as an officer.

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