MPD: surveillance photo of man wanted for shooting at moving car

- During the investigation, it was determined the bullet entered the victim's front passenger window, narrowly missing the woman's head, before exiting out the left rear passenger window.

The driver was traveling east on Raymond Road, crossing McKenna Blvd. when the gunman fired the round. 

Police have released a surveillance photo (below) of the suspect, which was taken at a nearby PDQ store.

Anyone with information on this suspect's whereabouts is asked to contact 911. 


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison Police say a female driver was injured when a window was shot out of her car.Police say the woman was driving near Raymond Road and McKenna Blvd when a bullet pierced her rear window.A witness reported seeing a man outside in the 2000 block of McKenna Blvd., firing a handgun. Police believe that the shooter was targeting someone else and that the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The incident happened around 10:28 a.m.Police have been searching the area for the suspect but don't believe there was any other reported damage. The suspect is describe as a black man in his 20's, 6', long dreads, wearing a t-shirt and black sweatpants with stripes on them.The victim was a woman in her 50's.

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