Sheriff: teen's revealing photo shared among high school students

Flashing Lights on Police Car

MONONA (WKOW) --  A Dane County Sheriff's investigation is honing in on the source of a sextortion plot, as a witness says a Monona Grove High School student's revealing photo is shared among classmates.

Authorities say the student contacted authorities in May.  They say the student reported receiving a nude photo of herself via Snapchat, and a threat to "leak" images of her, unless she provided the unknown sender more images.

Court records show the victim conceded she sent nude images of herself to two other students, who both denied to authorities ever sharing them.  But one student stated "...he is aware the images...have been distributed around the school."

An affidavit to support the court-approved search of a Cottage Grove Home shows a Sheriff's detective seized an iPhone earlier this month.

Records show an investigator went to the home, after a court order to Snapchat led to an IP address for the sender of the threatening message.  

A Monona Grove student lives at the home.  His father declines comment to 27 News.

Sheriff's spokesperson Elise Schaffer cites the ongoing investigation in declining comment on whether an arrest or charges are imminent.

The search of the home was approved on the possibility of recovering evidence of the crime of Capturing Representations Which Depict Nudity.

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