Madison police arrest man for peeking into bathroom stall

MADISON (WKOW) -- Authorities say they have arrested a Madison man for peeking at someone through a bathroom stall.

Police say they responded to the 1100 block of Regent Street Sunday for a disturbance at a restaurant. When they arrived at the scene, a 20-year-old male victim reported the behavior.

The victim told police he had used the bathroom shortly after 9 p.m. and felt like someone was watching him. He looked through the opening of the closed door, and saw a man peeking into the stall.

Police say the suspect, 57-year-old Daniel John Trewyn, allegedly left the restroom immediately. Police were close by because this was the third incident of its kind in recent months. Officers contacted Trewyn, who went to the restaurant on a regular basis, and determined that he was involved in the peeking.

Officers took Trewyn into custody for disorderly conduct and advised him not to return to the restaurant in the future.

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