Felony sentencing for Beaver Dam teen could be deferred after probation

A 17-year-old from Beaver Dam can get past a felony charge if he fulfills all parts of his probation for his part in sending a threatening e-mail that closed down Beaver Dam schools in May. 

Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg tells Channel 27 News Dylan Graf apologized for the disruption and told the court at his sentencing Friday that he used "very bad judgement" for his part in sending a threatening e-mail to the assistant principal at the high school May 9th. 

Klomberg says the two juveniles who also took part in the e-mail scheme have not been identified and are being dealt with by the juvenile system. 

Graf pleaded guilty to one felony count of making a terrorist threat for a school shooting and one misdemeanor count of an unlawful use of a computerized communication system. 

The DA says Graf was cooperative throughout the proceedings and told officials he had  no intention of violence...that the act was a prank. Klomberg says the activity created a lot of fear and disruption for the school district, which was the basis for the charges against the young man. 

Klomberg adds that  the teen can get the felony charge deferred or even dismissed if he successfully completes the terms of his probation for the misdemeanor count. His one-year probation mandates a "significant" amount of community service, that Graft has to keep a job or maintain his school studies and that he cannot go on school district property.   

Klomberg says once Graft completes his probation, the felony charge can be dismissed but the other charge will stay on his record. 

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