Lyndon Station community rescues elusive Kevin the service dog

LYNDON STATION (WKOW) -- A man is reunited with his service dog, thanks to a Juneau County community's perseverance.

Blaze Gottschalk's golden retriever Kevin went missing after they got into a rollover crash on I-90 last week. He says the two are inseparable.

"What he does is what he loves and what he loves helps me more than anything. He brings me my shoes when I'm so depressed that I can't get out of bed," Gottschalk told 27 News. "He does everything at the exact right time to get me through the darkest times that I have."

The Lyndon Station community has spent their days searching for Kevin. There were numerous sightings in the area of the highway, but no one was able to catch him. The village even set up traps to catch him, but he never went in them.Finally, two brothers spotted Kevin Tuesday afternoon on the side of the road and brought him in. "We remained optimistic all week and it paid off. It's good to have some good news for a change," village president Larry Whaley said. "For a village of 500 people, they're very willing to give of their time and efforts."Whaley estimates thousands were involved in the search for Kevin online or on foot. The community came together Tuesday evening to finally meet the elusive Kevin and spoil him with special treats and hugs. Gottschalk says he can't thank the people of Lyndon Station enough for returning his best friend and caretaker.

Kevin lost 11 pounds in that week he was missing. He has some scratches, but overall, he's doing just fine. 

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