Neglected Darlington dogs granted second chance by community

DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- Four neglected Darlington dogs found living in horrific conditions are saved by the kindness of strangers.  

"Considering the fact that I'm in my 24th year you think we'd see something along these lines," Darlington Police Chief Jason King said. "The reality is no, not to this extent," he added.

Chief King says the animals were found inside a wooded and overgrown home on East Street following a concerned citizen's complaint.  What they discovered is something the department will never forget.  

"What we ended up doing was have members of the Darlington Fire Department's hazardous response team to come and use their gear to go in to retrieve the dogs," Chief King explained due to the smell.  He says all four pets were not potty-trained, and all were in rough shape.

"The reality was we were faced with either euthanizing these dogs or giving them a second chance," Chief King explained.

Thanks to quick post on Facebook and a new GoFundMe page, things moved quickly to get the dogs the support they would need.

"I didn't know what the community would think of that idea, and if they would be willing to assist so we were pleasantly surprised when we put it on there," he said.

Especially after an anonymous donor stepped up.

"In 45 minutes, we had met our $2,000 goal," he said.  "And then, many others stepped up and that donation amount trickled over the $3,000 mark."

"We think they can be rehabilitated and have good homes, good futures," Center Hill Veterinary Clinic Dr. William Jones said.

Right now, the dogs are being sheltered at the Green County Humane Society.

As for the case, it remains under investigation.  Chief King says charges are being referred to the DA's office.

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