Wisconsin Red Cross members head to Texas

UPDATE (WKOW) -- As of Sunday, 40 Red Cross volunteers from Wisconsin have now left for Texas, to help victims coping with extreme flooding. 


MADISON (WKOW) -- Thirty Southern Wisconsin Red Cross Volunteers are traveling more than a thousand miles, all to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  

"It's about 1200 miles," Red Cross Disaster Relief Volunteer Jean Stolsmark said.  "Your response time is critical to the people who are waiting for you to help them."

The grandmother from Lake Mills knows she's on an important mission.  

"It's exciting, your adrenaline starts to run, and you just do what needs to be done to help," Stolsmark said.

Wisconsin Red Cross COO Tom Mooney knows time is of the essence to get set up and provide support.  He's also worried about bringing supplies to shut-down communities.

"That's critical, cause you just don't know what is drinkable or not, we just loaded a couple cases of water in there [the van]," Mooney said.  He says semis will also truck down bulk water and food rations soon.

Mooney says the teams could be deployed for two or even three weeks to the Houston area.  

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/36224122/2017/08/26/wisconsin-red-cross-disaster-relief-team-members-head-down-to-hurricane-harvey

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