Campus suspect accused of sex assault after release from jail

- A suspect in an intrusion into a woman's bathroom at a UW campus dorm, is accused of committing a sexual assault twenty four hours after his jail release. 

Dane County court documents also show investigators suspect 18-year old Larry Seidl of videotaping a coed in the dormitory bathroom, and having images of other, yet-to-be-identified victims on his camera. 

UW Police say Seidl was arrested Aug. 30 on a tentative disorderly conduct charge in connection with the dormitory incident.  Jail records show Seidl was released thirty five minutes after being photographed and booked. 

"He was bailed out of jail,"  Police spokesperson Marc Lovicott says.  "He was bailed out, as is his right to do so is."  Jail records show the bail amount was $150.Lovicott says officers were still investigating the extent of Seidl's actions in the dormitory, and lacked enough evidence to allege a crime serious enough to force Seidl to remain in jail, at least until a judge could review the case. 

After Seidl's release, Madison Police official Joel DeSpain says two women complained to authorities Aug. 31 that Seidl had followed them in a campus area apartment building.  But DeSpain says officers lacked probable cause to arrest Seidl. 

An affidavit connected to a  search of Seidl's Madison apartment shows authorities accuse Seidl of sexually touching a 21-year old woman over her clothes at University Book Store at 711 State Street, shortly after the stalking-type accusations.  Seidl was arrested again later that day, and remains in jail.

Lovicott says his department's additional investigation, combined with Madison Police's accusation, built a case serious enough to ensure Seidl's incarceration until a court hearing.  Seidl is tentatively charged with fourth degree sex assault, four counts of capturing images of nudity, one charge of trespass to a dwelling, and a charge of bail jumping. 

Earlier this year, Seidl was found responsible for disorderly conduct, when he followed a school parent into a Madison Memorial High School women's bathroom, and went into the adjacent stall, prompting the woman to run to safety.  Seidl was placed in a deferred prosecution program.Officials say Seidl is expected to appear in Dane County court Thursday.

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