Kwik Trip talks with neighbors about takeover of PDQ

MADISON (WKOW) -- PDQ's will soon be transitioning to Kwik Trip and neighbors got together Wednesday night to learn how that could impact them.    Kwik Trip representatives were at the Villager on Park Street in Madison, talking about the transition of the 15 Madison-area PDQ's and how things will change.    

They say they're hoping to keep all the current PDQ employees, and hire more people.

"We have about 500 positions to fill with what all the PDQ stores are requiring. So, we're going to be adding that many more jobs into the marketplace. But it's very challenging, as you guys know, the unemployment rate in Madison is the lowest in the state of WI. So, we're working very actively and aggressively to go out and recruit people that are interested in working for Kwik Trip," said community relations manager Dave Ring.    

The week of October 9-13, PDQ's will close for 24 hours each, to make the initial transition.    

The full conversion will happen between November and April.

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