Wisconsin Assembly passes state budget

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Assembly Republicans have passed the state budget more than two months after the document was supposed to be finished but it's still unclear when it will land on Gov. Scott Walker's desk.

The Assembly passed the budget 57-39 Wednesday evening after 11 hours of debate. The budget was supposed to be done by July 1 but GOP infighting over road funding has delayed the process.

The vote sends the $76 billion budget to the state Senate. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said he doesn't have enough votes to get the budget out of his chamber and ship it to Walker. A group of Senate Republicans want to speed up repeal of the prevailing wage, block spending on University of Wisconsin System diversity training and expand the statewide voucher school program.

Senate Republicans met behind closed doors Wednesday while the Assembly was debating the budget. Fitzgerald emerged from the meeting saying he still doesn't have the votes.

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