Husband accused in home explosion to hide killing of wife held on $1 millio

 The Madison man accused of blowing up his home to hide the murder of his wife is being held on $1 million cash bail.

Steven Pirus, 59, made a special court appearance today where the judge assigned bail. Pirus is expected to return to court Thursday for an initial appearance.

During today’s hearing, prosecutors said Pirus disconnected the gas line to the dryer, which caused the explosion Sept. 13, 2017.

Chief Mike Koval said earlier in the week that Pirus shot and killed his wife, Lee Anne Pirus, and that Lee Anne's body remained in the home at 7806 Stratton Way "for weeks, if not months" before the explosion.

Steven Pirus is expected to face charges of first degree intentional homicide, arson and recklessly endangering safety.  

The police chief says the reckless endangerment charges were added because there were many neighbors in the area at the time of the explosion. 

"It was a hellacious explosion in a densely populated neighborhood.  We know at least two homes suffered property damage, not to mention how many people would have been home at the time.:

A statement from the Dane County Medical Examiner's office Sunday afternoon said Lee Anne died from being shot -- not from the explosion or fire. The police chief didn't say Sunday where or how many times the victim had been shot.  

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