Anthem demonstrations erupting at Lambeau and across the country Sunday

 It was seen in just about every football stadium around the country Sunday; NFL teams players showing unity as many protested standing for the national anthem.

The demonstrations come on the heels of President Trump's statements lashing athletes for sitting or taking a knee during the national anthem in response to alleged racial profiling by law enforcement.

In Green Bay, Packers players, including Aaron Rodgers, stood arm in arm showing unity, while Martellus Bennett, Lance Kendricks and Kevin King all sat in protest during the Star Spangled Banner before the team took the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in a thrilling overtime win.

Fans were outspoken about the issue.

"In the beginning I was dead set against Kaepernick taking a knee, but I've opened up, and understand why they're doing it now," says Chad Johnson, a Packers fan from Eau Claire, adding, "I don't think there is anything wrong with them, and the African American community doing it. We need change, and I mean it's a peaceful protest, they're not hurting anyone."

While there were some who felt it was a questionable gesture, all the fans we spoke with said they understand the protests, and respect the right to free speech.

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