Home bakers celebrate Lafayette County judge's clarification

BLANCHARDVILLE (WKOW) -- Home bakers across Wisconsin are celebrating what they call a "sweet success".

On Thursday, a judge in Lafayette County re-clarified his ruling on home-baked goods in Wisconsin. The judge says his decision applies to everyone in the state, meaning it's no longer against the law for home bakers to sell their food directly to customers. 

In May, the judge said his ruling applied only to the three bakers who filed the lawsuit against the state law.

"We're just excited to see kind of a new day in local food," said Kriss Marion, one of the bakers who filed the lawsuit. "It's kind of like celebration baking day all over Wisconsin."

The ruling allows anyone to sell non-hazardous baked foods for profit at places like the farmers market.

"With this new ruling that can increase our vendor numbers we have now," said Danielle Zimmerson, manager of Main Street Monroe Farmers Market. "It's really opening up the opportunity for [vendors] to come make some extra money on their own time."

Stacey McCarthy, who sells raw unfiltered honey, can now sell her honey and cranberry walnut bread at her market stand.

"Having another item that I can sell on a weekly basis just helps it be a little more profitable and a little more interesting for the consumer," McCarthy said.

The state of Wisconsin has not yet filed an appeal of the judge's ruling, but Marion expects they will.

"We're probably not done, we need to hammer out a nice bill because there's no way Wisconsin is going to have no cap [in revenue] and no law at all," said Marion.

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