Insanity phase of Darrick Anderson trial started Monday

 Phase two of the Darrick Anderson murder trial got underway in Dane County Monday. Anderson was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Andrew Nesbitt.

The jury listened to testimony to determined if Anderson was mentally fit at the time he killed Nesbitt.

Psychologist Dr. James Freiburger, who examined Anderson, took the stand for most of the afternoon. Freiburger had administered a Criminal Responsibility Assessment. He took questions from the prosecution about Anderson's mental state.

“Prosecution - You referred him doing well on test. Are those other tests you administered to him as part of your assessment of him?Freiburger - Yes.Prosecution - Anything else going into organicity as relates to Mr. Anderson?Freiburger - No.Prosecution - And regarding that, did you determine him to have any organic brain injury or deficit?Freiburger - No, I did not.Prosecution - So you would then assign a number to that, correct?Freiburger - Yes. I would find that he does not suffer from it.”

Nesbitt sustained almost three dozen stab wounds during the March attack.If Anderson is not found mental ill, he could face mandatory life in prison. However, if he is found to have been mentally ill at the time of the killing, Anderson could sent to a mental institution indefinitely.

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