Story of puppy thrown into river a hoax, police say

JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Janesville police say the story about a puppy thrown off the Memorial Bridge into the Rock River is a hoax.

The video of the puppy circulated widely Thursday after the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin shared a post saying a man was out fishing when he saw a young person walk the dog on the bridge, unhook its leash and throw it into the Rock River. The dog was able to swim to the shore and the man picked him up. 

But after investigating, police say the story was fabricated.

Police say they never received a report of the incident. An officer obtained the name of the person who turned in the dog and provided the story of how it was thrown into the river.

After interviewing that person and other members of the household, it was discovered that the story was a fabrication to avoid paying a fee to the humane society to surrender the dog, according to police.There are no criminal charges in this incident as no false statements were made to police. 

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