Wisconsin eagle beats the odds, survives West Nile virus

MANITOWOC (WKOW) -- A survivor that was on the brink of death with West Nile virus is back home.    

A bald eagle was found in bad shape a few months ago along a road in southern Manitowoc County.    

Blood tests confirmed the eagle had contracted West Nile virus, which weeks before had killed another eagle in the county, and left another blind.   

 It looked like there was going to be a third victim.          

"Couldn't open his eyes, was just flat out, would seize, was disoriented, dehydrated, loss of weight.I didn't think it would live til morning. And after a week when he lifted his head it's like, Oh my gosh, there's hope here," veterinarian Joe Sutton told WBAY.    

Tuesday, the eagle was set free in the same location it was found in late August.    

Research shows only one out of 7 bald eagles stricken with West Nile ever recover enough to be released back into the wild.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/36621232/2017/10/17/wisconsin-eagle-beats-the-odds-survives-west-nile-virus

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