City employees take a knee in response to police chief's blog post

 Hours after Madison Police Chief Mike Koval blogged Wednesday about canceling his "all-access subscription to viewing NFL games" due to players taking a knee during the national anthem, a group of city employees decided to take a knee of their own.In a blog post about his plans to attend a vigil at the State Capitol law enforcement memorial later that afternoon, Chief Koval wrote that he thinks people should stand up instead of taking a knee."When the news cycle seems to be dominated by discussions of the appropriateness of "taking a knee," (As a constitutional officer of the court, I pledged to protect and defend constitutional rights and freedoms so the recent diatribes from all directions on this issue is moot; although I also have the prerogative of expressing my views--off duty--and have canceled my all-access subscription to viewing NFL games), tonight will provide many of my sisters and brothers in uniform an opportunity to "stand up" for something. 

"For tonight, there will be a short vigil taking place up at the Law Enforcement Memorial (located at the corner of N. Pinckney and E. Mifflin)," wrote Chief Koval.In response to that post, five employees of the City of Madison Civil Rights Department published a link to a story about Chief Koval's blog on its Facebook page, along with a picture of them taking a knee together.."And so, I felt it was necessary to create a space for individuals in the community to know that peacefully protesting is OK. And not only is it OK, but it's people's rights," said Norman Davis, director of the civil rights department.Chief Koval did not make himself available for an interview Thursday.Mayor Paul Soglin chose not to take sides."We do not censor city employees. The only thing we ask, is that in their minds, they have some knowledge of what they're talking about," said Mayor Soglin. 

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