Jakubowski state trial delayed until first of year

A total of two minutes, that's all it took for Joseph Jakubowski's final preliminary trial date to be postponed until late January.  The man at the center of the nationwide manhunt will have his federal sentencing now ahead of this trial.

"By chance he was convicted, that would adversely affect his case in federal court," Jakubowski's Defense Attorney Michael Murphy said. He believes the feds, though, have an airtight case.

"Well, you know the federal system is all guideline based, a sentence like that is already pre-determined, you just add up a certain amount of time for each firearm," Murphy explained.

Murphy says he worries about local bias one the case moves to the state court system.

"There's a lot of adverse publicity in this case and a lot of it by the elected sheriff in this county and his statements made repeatedly in this trial made it difficult to receive a fair trial in rock county," he said.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/36639878/2017/10/19/jakubowski-state-trial-delayed-until-first-of-year 

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