Parents of victim speak out after man involved in 2nd fatal crash

VERONA (WKOW) -- It's been 15 years since Bonnie and Norman Stamm lost their daughter, Aimee Kubler. She was killed after being hit by a drunken driver while out on a jog. Now, authorities say the person who hit Kubler, is involved in another deadly car crash. 

"You never forget that moment," said Bonnie as she reflected on the day she got the most devastating news.

The pain is still with Kubler's parents today. 

"If I start thinking back to even talking to someone about it, it's very extremely painful," said Bonnie. 

Their precious daughter was hit and left for dead on the side of the road by Nathan Leopold.

"He killed my daughter and he left her there for several hours," added Bonnie. 

Police said he was drunk when he hit her. Leopold was found guilty of the crime and spent five years on prison before being released. 

"You hoped that he would come out better. That was our hope," said Norman as he got choked up. "Because then, taking Aimee's life would mean something," he continued as he held back tears. 

Sadly, it didn't. Leopold crashed into a car on State Highway 11 in the Town of Spring Grove, just outside of Broadhead. The crash killed a 70-year-old driver and hurt a 12-year-old passenger. Deputies say Leopold was driving under the influence in this case, too. 

"We weren't surprised when it happened, we were just so sad," Bonnie said as she reacted to hearing the news. "It's disgusting."

"That little 12-year-old and that woman had to end their life because this guy couldn't get his act together," said Bonnie.

"He was given a second chance and he blew it," said Norman. 

Now, the parents who lost a girl with a caring heart and a precious smile, hope this time state politicians can strengthen the laws. 

"They have to say this isn't right, nobody out there wants to die," Bonnie said. "The state legislature is managed like the United States Senate and House: by big companies that they don't want to get upset because they give large amounts of money to candidates."

For Norman, change can't come soon enough. 

"That's the whole thing. We've got to wait until they kill somebody. Well, I guess that was the case," he said. 

The two parents are still fighting for change and spreading the word by visiting schools and handing out KEYS to students to put on their key chains. The message is simple. Students take a key and give another to someone else, hoping to be a constant reminder to not drive impaired. It's an effort to keep their daughter's legacy alive, while keeping the same tragedy they went through from striking another family. 

Meanwhile, Leopold faces OWI charges in the latest crash. He has not yet been charged since he is still recovering in the hospital. 

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