The Progress Center for Black Women announced

The lives of black women will forever change. That was the message activist and entrepreneur Sabrina Madison announced Wednesday.

Madison is behind The Progress Center for Black Women, a new center focused specifically on women of color. She says the center will break through existing roadblocks to success, and transform how black women access leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities.

"Sometime when you go into professional development spaces in Madison, you are the diversity," said Madison. "You don't have your needs met because you are the diversity, so how do you get your needs as a black woman in an all white space?"

Under the umbrella of The Progress Center for Black Women will be the already existing Black Women's Leadership Conference, Black Excellence Youth Conference, and the Black Business Expo. New programming will including a collaborative program for black entrepreneurs to pair with business leaders in their areas of interest,  black women's leadership 9-month accelerator program, and a lending program for low income women of color seeking roadways for professional growth.

The Urban League of Greater Madison will house the new Center's offices and programming. The cost for one year of slated programs and administration is $150,000, which Madison hopes to raise by the end of 2017.

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