UW Business School backs off plan to suspend MBA program

The University of Wisconsin Business School has ended discussions of a proposal to suspend its MBA program for one year and instead will focus on growing its programs.

In a statement released Wednesday, the school said that it has "heard from our community of students, alumni, and friends; therefore, we are going to stop further discussion of the one-year suspension of the full-time MBA. We moved too quickly without the broad consultation and discussion that our stakeholders can and should expect."

The school says it will move forward with discussions on how to grow the undergraduate program and expand the graduate portfolio while simultaneously strengthening the full-time MBA experience.

The plan had been controversial from the moment it was announced, and campus leaders have been meeting with students to get feedback. 

In a proposal released Monday, campus officials said the purpose of this suspension was to conduct a timely review of how the business school graduate portfolio should evolve in light of both competing demands for resources and a changing market for graduate business education.

Hausch told students in an email Wednesday that the idea is being reviewed by faculty, according to the Associated Press.

Some students said they are concerned, much of it surrounding the value of their degree once the program has ended.

Some students feared their degree will not be viewed as prestigious as by employers when seeking work.

Students also were concerned about alumni, saying the move will put a finite number of alumni into the pool of resource, while other universities continue to increase its number of MBA alumni.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/36682877/2017/10/25/uw-business-school-wont-consider-suspension-of-mba-program

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