WEDC Board members will see Foxconn contract prior to vote

Members of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Board of Directors will be allowed to review the agency's full $3 billion contract agreement with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn prior to voting on it next week.

Secretary Hogan informed board members of that in an email Friday afternoon."I have said many times this is a complex transaction and it is important to get it done right, both for the company and its investors, as well as WEDC, the state and our taxpayers," wrote Secretary Hogan. "Given we are very close on the contract language, and given the size of the award, now is the appropriate time to make it available to you as board members."

Hogan indicated the contract would be made available to board members as early as next Monday.The email marks a complete reversal for Hogan, who told lawmakers at a meeting of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on October 24 he would not make the Foxconn contract available to board members prior to having them vote on it.

But public pressure, first from Democratic lawmakers and then Republicans, built since that meeting and ultimately forced Hogan's hand.Hogan is standing firm on preventing the public from seeing the contract language until the agreement is signed.

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