Frustrations boil over at Sun Prairie Area School District meeting

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) -- Teachers and parents showed their frustration as many said they're fed up with district administrators making decisions without them. Teachers are urging district leaders to allow them to be part of the solution to fixing a school district that officials say is underperforming in certain areas. 

At a school board meeting on Monday night, it was standing room only, some people butted up against the door in a small foyer. 

Sun Prairie district administrators say, when compared to other nearby districts, students in Sun Prairie are underperforming in certain subjects. In an effort to give more instruction time to those courses, the district restructured its health curriculum. 

For example, right now, students K through 5th grade attend a 30 minute health class, according to a 5th grade teacher in the district. 

But under the change, in which teachers say was made without their input, the health classes would be divvied up between a guidance counselor, physical education class, and each teacher. 

But many teachers are concerned, arguing they don't have the extra 30 minutes to teach the lesson and they know how important the health classes are to students. 

"For some of our students the info and activities taught by a licensed health teacher may very well be their first entry point to a healthier life," said one 5th grade teacher who spoke at the meeting. 

Other issues raised included the idea of block scheduling. Many teachers raised concerns about it, but much of the frustration was about teachers and parents claiming the district didn't care to gain their input in decisions. 

Meanwhile, the school board says it backs the district leadership.

In a statement, Board President Tom Weber says they, "stand firmly behind the superintendent team and they are very pleased with their leadership and the work they are doing to put kids first."

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