Walker udderly uninterested in ending 'America's Dairyland'

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Gov. Scott Walker thinks the push to replace ``America's Dairyland'' on Wisconsin's license plates is udderly ridiculous.

So he's putting the idea out to pasture.

Walker told farm reporter Pam Jahnke in an interview Tuesday that there was ``no way'' Wisconsin would change the license plate. The head of the state chamber of commerce has floated the possibility of changing the plates to reflect a more diverse economy.

A bill was introduced in the Legislature calling for high school students to submit new designs and slogans.

Walker is ending any momentum the idea may have gotten, saying Tuesday, ``We are not going to change our plates.

''Not missing the chance to make a pun, Walker says, ``We have many different industries, but our bread and butter, literally and figuratively, is agriculture and manufacturing together.''

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