Walker on 2018 race: "My biggest fear is not who my opponent's going to be"

AUSTIN, Texas (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker speaks urgently about next year's gubernatorial race at the annual conference for the Republican Governors Association.  

Walker and other Republican governors are confused and worried, especially after Ed Gillespie lost to Ralph Northam in the Virginia gubernatorial election because it was supposed to be a close race.  Northam won by nine percentage points.  

Walker is trying to figure out what happened.  "What is driving the turnout? Is it a specific issue? Is it a specific region? Is it a specific type of voter? What impact of Washington?" Walker said, without offering an answer.  

He credited Democratic political groups with shifting the party's focus from national races to the state level.  "My biggest fear is not who my opponent's going to be," Walker said. "It's how much money is going to come from this Obama-Holder group, and how much can I offset that?"

Walker told the crowd, "We are gong to need your help. Next year there are 36 elections for governor. 26 of those 36 states today have Republican governors. Half of those 26 are in states that ultimately will be term limited."  Some of those 26 are in traditionally blue states such as Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.  

The Republican Governors Association meeting continues Thursday in Austin.  

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