Convicted sex offender approaching teen girls, Janesville police warn

 Police are warning the community about a registered sex offender who has been approaching teenage girls.

Police say Daryl Holloway, 49, is a lifetime sex offender registrant due to a sexual assault conviction in 1985 in which the victim was an adult.

However his sex offender status does not restrict him from having contact with juveniles, Police Chief David Moore said at a Tuesday news conference, and Holloway currently is not in custody.

“We believe this person to be a threat to the community and wish to inform citizens of the danger,” Moore said.

There have been a total of four incidents in the past two months, according to Lt. Terry Sheridan of the Janesville Police Department.

After the first incident Oct. 30, 2017 when a man approached a 12-year-old girl on Pearl Street, police say social media posts about the incident included a photograph of Holloway, Sheridan said.

After the incident, Holloway contacted police to say he was the one in the social media posts, but thought the girl was 18 or older. Police followed up but determined there were no grounds for arrest.

The second incident happened Nov.10, 2017, when a 14 year old female reported she was waiting at the bus stop in front of 208 N. Main St. A male, believed to be Daryl Holloway, driving an older white vehicle pulled up. Holloway asked the juvenile what her name was and if she needed a ride. The juvenile stated she was waiting for the bus to go to school. 

In the third incident, a 12-year-old girl, was approached Nov. 14, 2017 by a man believed to be Holloway as she was walking to school in the area of E. Memorial Drive and N. Randall Avenue. Holloway referred to the juvenile as “baby” and “baby girl.” police say. The juvenile ignored Holloway as he tried to talk to her. Holloway referred to her using derogatory words prior to leaving the area. 

In the fourth incident a 16-year-old girl was approached by an unknown male, later identified as Holloway, while she was with other children at the Janesville Bus Terminal. Holloway continued to talk to her and at one point asked her about what sc hool she went to, what grade, and if she wanted a ride.

Holloway was arrested Nov. 17, 2017 by Janesville detectives for disorderly conduct stemming from the incident on Nov. 16, as well as the continuing pattern of behavior. Holloway told investigators he believed the juveniles were all adults and he was simply seeking companionship. 

Holloway has since been released.

Holloway has been residing at 2818 Rutledge in the City of Janesville and is known to drive a 2006 Saturn Relay van that is maroon in color with a silver back gate, WI license plate 241ZXS. He also drives a white 2005 Chevy Cavalier 2 door WI license plate 963KEL, belonging to his girlfriend, according to police.

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