Driver tips off police on Dodgeville manhunt suspect's location

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Police say an alert citizen tipped them off and helped them arrest a man believed to be involved in a hostage situation Monday afternoon.Dodgeville Police Chief David Bauer tells 27 News a driver picked up Danny Parnell near Dodgeville, drove him to a convenience store in Barneveld, then called Iowa County Sheriff's Office to report him. 

"This individual was a citizen who was aware and paying attention and a good sense enough to get away from him before he called us and alerted us and we were able to pick him up," said Bauer.

Parnell was taken into custody around 9:15 p.m. after eight hours of a search.

Police say Parnell had escaped officers after someone called to report a hostage situation at a trailer home on 3rd Street in Dodgeville around 1 p.m.

He was armed at the time of the incident, according to police, but did not have the gun when he was arrested. Police have not found the gun yet. Parnell had also changed his clothes and was covered in burrs.

"He was changing his appearance and he was actively trying to get away from us," Bauer told 27 News.

Parnell now faces possible charges of being a felon with gun, false imprisonment, battery, recklessly endangering safety, theft of a firearm and bail jumping, with enhancers of habitual criminality and committing a crime using a dangerous weapon.

Dozens of officers from agencies in multiple counties were helping in the search for Parnell, according to Bauer.

Online court records show Parnell was charged in September with strangulation, false imprisonment and battery. He posted bail later that month.

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