Badger Bus driver fired after confrontation caught on video

MADISON (WKOW) -  A Badger Bus driver is fired after his confrontation with another driver is caught on videotape.

22-year old Destiny Roach tells 27 News she was at a stoplight in the 2900 block of East Washington Avenue Friday, when a Badger Bus para transit scraped and damaged her car, as the bus tried to merge into a turn lane.  Roach says she caught up to the bus as it waited for passengers at a nearby Walgreens, and confronted the bus driver over the minor collision he caused.

Roach says she videotaped the encounter because the bus driver was initially denying any responsibility.

On Roach's video, the bus driver is seen telling her, "All right," and then slapping her with his hand.  

Roach says she was was shocked and hurt by his actions.  She says a passenger waiting to board the para transit service called police.

Roach says responding officers collected information from those involved.  A Madison Police official has yet to comment on whether any criminal charge, or citation against the bus driver will be recommended to the district attorney.

But Roach's employer has taken action.

"Driver acted inappropriately when confronted,"  Badger Bus owner John Meier tells 27 News in a statement.

"His behavior is not something that we find to be acceptable under any circumstances,"  Meier writes.

"We...made the decision to terminate his employment,"  Meier states.  

"His individuals actions are not consistent with our training...or indicative of the hard working Badger Bus."

The driver has only been identified by his first name of "Richard."

Roach says she feels the bus company's action was appropriate, given the para transit service provides rides to physically challenged people, and others with vulnerabilities.

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