Family of murdered Madison man confronts killer in court

MADISON (WKOW) --- A Madison murder case came to an intense end Thursday as a killer told his victim's family he has no remorse for what he did.

Curtis Langlois was sentenced to life in prison in the shooting death of Kendrith Young.

“What you've done affected our family to the core,” said Karen Young, Kendrith's mother during the sentencing phase.

Langlois admitted to shooting and killing Young at the 7-11 off the Beltline at Todd Drive in August.

Young describes how her world has been turned upside down at the hands of 37-year-old Langlois.

“You didn't just murder my son, you took away a brother, a hell of a father, a fiance,” she said.

“Because when you made your choice to take the life of my husband, you not only took his life, but all of us with him,” said Elizabeth Dorman, Kendrith Young's fiance.

She read an emotional letter from their 12-year-old daughter.

“Him, me, my brothers and my mom were all watching a funny movie the night before he was killed. Now I did not know that was my last hug, my last kiss on the cheek, my last anything,” Dorman said reading from the letter.

Langlois showed no remorse, as he laughed as a surveillance video from the night of the shooting was played.

When it was Langlois' turn to speak, he apologized to his family and friends, but not to Young's family. He said he killed Young to protect himself and his family.

“For taking a life from them with me that we could have had. And you know I been doin' (sic) a lot of time for a long time. And I just appreciate the love and support they give me,” Langlois said. "As far as dude that I killed, I have no remorse. I don't care about it. I don't think about it. I ain't lost no sleep about it. Nothing."

“You do not deserve to live outside this jail nor any jail, Young said holding back tears.

At one point, Langlois was removed from the courtroom for making a threat to Rodney Lemon Jr. as he read a statement. Lemon was with Young the night of the shooting. He was also shot, but survived.

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