Mayor Soglin vetoes liquor license for State Street Taco Bell

 Madison Mayor Paul Soglin has vetoed a liquor license for the Taco Bell on State Street, citing what he calls "the enormous costs for the residents of Madison."

Soglin noted that if the license was associated with a new hotel with its beneficial impact on sales at Monona Terrace or it it was associated to adding to Madison's desire for fresh and healthy food, it would be a different matter.

In his veto letter, Soglin wrote, "Perhaps we should take this matter of the issuance of liquor licenses to public referendum."

The common council earlier this month approved the liquor license.

Taco Bell has started opening restaurants that sell beer and wine across the country and plans to open one up in Madison on State Street.

Soglin says that allowing Taco Bell to sell alcohol would bring no public value and increase already mounting law enforcement costs.

Madison's Alcohol License Review Committee has already approved a license for the new Taco Bell, but said they must stop serving alcohol by 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Soglin also said he believes the license is the beginning of a trend.

He noted that most fast food restaurant chains are working on rolling out liquor based establishment sin the next decade. 

Some plan to go in stages -- win and beer then followed by full liquor in stages, Soglin wrote.

In the meantime, Soglin wrote in his veto letter, we have more than enough liquor outlets in Madison. 

"The violence at downtown locations associated with liquor is only growing."

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