Collazo tells woman, inmate he killed Janesville victim

Janesville Police officials say the man arrested in connection with a Janesville woman's homicide told another woman, and a fellow jail inmate he killed the victim.21-year old Julian Collazo of Janesville was charged Wednesday with first degree intentional homicide in connection to the killing of 43-year old Christine Scaccia-Lubeck.  An affidavit for a search warrant to seize items from Scaccia-Lubeck's car states Scaccia-Lubeck was stabbed thirty-three times.  Authorities say Scaccia-Lubeck's body was found in her South River Street home Saturday.Janesville Police say Collazo and 23-year old Nicole Kazar of Beloit were arrested after On-Star technology was used to track Scaccia-Lubeck's car to Cape Girardeau. Missouri.

According to the affidavit, "Cape Girardeau Police told your affiant that the female suspect told their officers that she had been picked up by the male suspect in the victim's vehicle.  The male suspect told her that he had killed the owner of the car and stole her property including US currency, a computer, a gun, beer, debit cards, Ipad, Kindle, a Wii-U."  A criminal complaint against Collazo states the amount of stolen money was $3,000.The complaint states a fellow inmate in a jail in Cape Girardeau told authorities "...the defendant said he had killed someone."  The inmate said Collazo related the killing was prompted by a call Collazo received from Kazar, who was upset hearing Collazo was with another woman.  The complaint says Scaccia-Lubeck had befriended Collazo, and had just found out he was only twenty-one. According to the complaint, the inmate said he was under the impression Kazar was a prostitute and Collazo provided her protection.  "The defendant stated that he killed the lady to prove to Kazar that he could protect her,"  the complaint says.

Court documents say there was a bloody shoeprint at the homicide scene, and when Collazo was taken into custody, he had what appeared to be blood on his shoe, with Collazo's shoe pattern consistent with the one at the scene.Collazo and Kazar remained jailed in Missouri, with Wisconsin officials working to secure their extradition. 

Records show a knife was seized in the car's search, but authorities say it is not believed to be the murder weapon.  The complaint says Collazo threw the knife used in the killing in a dumpster.

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