Dane County felon arrested for having arsenal in his house

OREGON (WKOW) -  Officers arrested convicted felon 40-year-old Lewis S. Turner Thursday after they learned he was in possession of firearms in his home, and had expressed anti-government sentiments. 

"We were...aware that this person did not like the government, had made threats toward the government,"  Oregon Police Chief Brian Uhl says.As a convicted felon, Turner was barred from possessing weapons. 

Uhl says the Dane County's tactical team was called in to help capture Turner, with a new, armored vehicle with an attached, twelve-foot long battering ram used to force his surrender.

Authorities say officers searched Turner's house at 449 North Oak Street after they obtained a warrant, and found six long guns, one handgun, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Before the search of Turner's home was conducted, Oregon Schools were placed on lock down until the search was over."Knowing that the police department was able to handle it quietly, as successfully as they did, is probably the biggest comfort,"  neighbor Beth Berg says.Last month, Turner was charged with a felony, for what authorities say was an attack on a relative with Turner "...punching him...30 to 40 times."  Turner was out of jail in that case on a signature bond.

Authorities say Turner will likely face additional felony weapons possession charges as result of Thursday's discovery and seizure of guns.  He remains in jail at least through the Christmas weekend.

For more on this story: http://www.wkow.com/story/37122842/2017/12/21/dane-county-felon-arrested-for-having-arsenal-in-his-house-anti-government-sentiments-expressed

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