Iowa car entombed in ice

DAVENPORT, IA (WKOW) -- On cold days like we've had, scraping off your car can be a pain, but it could be worse, like this car that got encased in ice.    

You can't tell, but that's a Mercury Sable underneath a blanket of the ice in Davenport, Iowa.    

Amber Martin says it's her daughter's car.    

She's been chipping away at it for the last five days.    

Martin blames a water main break, along with several inches of snow and bitterly cold temperatures.       

"I am really frustrated and upset and can't believe this even happened," she said.    

The local public works department says the car was parked along a snow route during a snow emergency when it should have been parked elsewhere.    The local water utility says there was never a water main break in the area.

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