Sun Prairie mother caught in 12-car pile up on Beltline

MIchelle Heimann photo

MADISON (WKOW) -- A terrifying 12-car pile kept rescue crews busy this morning. 

Drivers tried to avoid pavement that buckled in the sub-zero cold, but many of them ended up with thousands of dollars in damage.  The Dane County Sheriff's Office says crews made emergency repairs to the large hole in the pavement.

The road buckle impacted the morning commute from about 5:45 - until 7:10.

"It was like driving over a big boulder," Michelle Heimann said about hitting a huge piece of concrete near Monona Drive.

"I heard the tire blow and I heard the chunk of concrete scrape the whole underneath of the van and it was not a good sound," she said about her morning commute from Sun Prairie into work.

As the Beltline stood still for more than an hour, Heimann feared for her fellow drivers' safety.

 "Already probably seven cars had that had already hit the concrete in front of me...and the concrete was already going back and forth as the people were hitting it."

She says what's rough right now is not having her van."it's gonna be hard without a vehicle for a little bit," Heimann said.  "I have a daughter that needs to get to school a son that needs to get to daycare and I have to get to work everyday," she added.

For now, she just has a bad feeling about the Beltline.

"I'm gonna be very apprehensive and keep my eyes wide open, hopefully things will be repaired...hopefully this will not happen again," she said.

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