Firefighters rescue ATV operator who fell through ice on Lake Mendota

UPDATE (WKOW) -- A warning for anyone heading out on the ice after a fisherman broke through on Lake Mendota and had to be rescued Wednesday night. 

Middleton fire officials say he had been out fishing and got lost trying to get back to the shore, because it was so foggy. He ended up running into an ice heave in front of some homes near Marshall Park.

The man's ATV sunk through the ice and left him stranded in the water.

"The individual would have not have been able to get off the ATV with the water that was surrounding him without putting himself in further danger, so [he was] calling for help, fortunate enough a homeowner nearby was able to hear him, called 911 and getting crews on the way," said Chief Aaron Harris, with Middleton fire. 

A woman happened to be outside her house and heard the fisherman calling for help. Firefighters responded and pulled him and the ATV out of the water. The ATV rider was not hurt. 

Officials say you should be careful in this changing weather and always check lake conditions and the forecast before you head out.

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