Former Ethics Administrator has a new job

 Just two days after the state Senate confirmed Brian Bell will no longer serve as the Ethics Administration, one agency says they gave him a job.

The Department of Safety and Professional Services, where Bell previously worked, says they hired him Thursday.

Michael Haas met with the Elections Commission Wednesday and was re-appointed as Administrator, which lead to questions if Bell would consider that option. Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says it’s possible Haas’s re-appointment could go to court. Sen. Fitzgerald said Bell was not considering re-appointment because he was worried he would not be able return to his previous job at DSPS as a policy analyst.

Both Haas and Bell became targets of Sen. Fitzgerald after he claims they could not do their jobs in a non-partisan matter after previously working at the Government Accountability Board.

Regardless if Bell stays at DSPS, it’s not clear if the Ethics Commission will still reappoint Bell or find a replacement.

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